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The economy version of our proven FSK milling system.

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  • Flush milling of inlays (“butterfly inlays”), tenons, edge banding…
  • Jointing/milling to thickness – an inexpensive alternative to a jointer/thickness planer
  • Grooves, mortises and holes can be milled exactly in the center without measuring thanks to the integrated center finder
  • Tenons and rebates can also be produced with large milling cutters thanks to the large recess in the aluminum profile
  • Precise circles can be milled steplessly
  • The router can be guided in a more controlled manner thanks to the larger contact surface and the additional handle

Used in the router table

  • Used vertically, it offers all the familiar options of a router table
  • Horizontally mounted, wide/deep grooves can be milled without using special milling cutters

Suitable routers

Makita variant:

  • Makita RT0702
  • Makita DRT50Z
  • Katsu replica

The plunge and fixed base can be fitted in each case

DeWalt variant:

  • DeWalt DCW604
  • DeWalt D26204

The plunge and fixed base can be fitted in each case

Variant without holes:

Here you can add the holes for your trim router yourself. This is also very easy to do with a drill and countersink. Please note that only trim routers really fit on the FSKeco.


250x160mm with 6mm radii at the corners


Compared to the FSK, the eco uses an 8 mm HPL panel (anthracite) instead of the 6 mm aluminum panel and the 3 mm sliding surface. The opening for the cutter is not adjustable as with the FSK. The FSK is ideal for professional, daily use, the FSKeco for hobbyists and occasional work.

The optional milling table set is for mounting in the router table and simplifies the conversion enormously. You only have to loosen 4 screws to remove the FSKeco from the milling table.