Hi there,
I am Fabi
and the face behind Bau-Woodworks.

How I got into woodworking

A few years ago I wanted to buy a new bookshelf. After endless hours of research and a few trips to furniture stores, I was frustrated. I couldn’t find what I wanted. Either it was made out of cheap materials and looking awful or it was way over my price limit. So I decided to build it on my own.

In the process of building, the skills my granddad taught me when I was a child, came in pretty handy. He used to prepare boards with nails and I could hammer them in, showed me how to use power tools, and knocked together almost everything I wanted to have for the house or garden with me.

After a few hundred bucks spent on materials and new tools, quite some hours of surfacing boards by hand, sanding and finishing, my live edge oak shelf was done. I added bowtie inlays and water pipes as feet. I was proud of what I’ve created, but most importantly I’ve rediscovered my passion for building cool stuff out of wood. The techniques I used to make the shelf like inserting bowtie keys, I learned by watching videos online and diving into the fantastic world of the maker community.

Shortly after our daughter was born, we moved into a house that needed a renovation. The perfect excuse for me to set up a shop in the basement and acquire even more tools.

Why I started Bau-Woodworks

Woodworking can be a very solitary and intimidating hobby. But thanks to all the great people out there sharing their knowledge and putting their personality into their content I never felt alone along my journey.

With Bau-Woodworks I want to give back to the community and inspire others to pick up a tool and build something awesome. If you want to create something, I truly believe you can build it, even if it takes longer than expected. And it certainly always does.

Thanks for checking out my site.

Now go out and make some sawdust!

Ok, maybe not that much sawdust and not right into your face…