Rectangular milling template RFS

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Rectangular cut-outs made easy and more!

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Milling sink cut-outs, juice grooves, repeatable grooves or sliding dovetails is now easier than ever before with the RFS!

In short: You can produce anything rectangular with the router and our template. Extra-long 800 mm profiles give you enough space for your project and with a width of 60 mm, they offer you plenty of support surface for your router.

Thanks to the 3D printed spacers supplied, you can easily position the profiles on the object (e.g. the sink) during adjustment. The spacers compensate for the guide bushing (17mm guide bushing with 8mm or 10mm router bit). This means you can start milling straight away and the cut-out is the perfect size. No calculating or measuring necessary. No other current system offers this.

You also get an universal tilt protection in the form of a sliding sleeve that you can attach to your router.

The RFS becomes even more versatile in combination with our universal milling system FSK and FSG.



Dimensions of the profiles: 20 x 60 x 800mm

Maximum cut-out: 700 x 700mm

Spacers are designed for use with 17mm guide bushing in combination with 8 or 10mm router bit.


Suitable for all routers.