Extension Kit “Asanoha Mitsukude”

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With this extension kit for the Tortoise Starter Kit, you can make another pattern with blocks you already have: the Asanoha Mitsukude.

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The Asanoha Mitsukude has a triangular grid and is probably the most iconic Japanese Kumiko pattern. Asanoha means hemp leaf and the pattern mimics it.

This extension is perfect if you already own a 30° and 60° guide block.

The Tortoise kit includes these angles, if you don’t have the blocks yet.


What you will get

  • whitewood strips for the Kumiko square
    • 11 grid pieces with notches (2 spare pieces if something goes wrong)
    • 24 infill pieces (6 spare pieces)
  • 3 Bau-Woodworks Stickers
  •  Instructions

Step up your Kumiko skills now.

*A chisel and the guide blocks are not included!