Kumiko Starter Kit – “TORTOISE” pattern in Walnut

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Start making Kumiko like a pro with no experience at all. The kit has the jigs you need and enough Kumiko strips for your first Kumiko panel.


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This Starter Kit gives you everything you need to make your first Kumiko square. You can even get a sharpened chisel with it.

The guide blocks are out of European Oak and have the angles: 30°, 45°, 60° and 75°.

You simply adjust the blocks to the right length, insert the wood strip and bevel it with the chisel. No worries there is an easy-to-follow instruction.


What you will get

  • 2 Oak Kumiko blocks with 30°, 45°, 60° and 75° angles.  They feature thumbscrews for quick and toolless adjustment.
  • Walnut strips for the Kumiko square:
    • 7 grid pieces with notches (1 spare piece if something goes wrong)
    • 22 diagonal pieces (6 spare pieces for testing)
    • 8 horizontal pieces (4 spare pieces for testing)
  • Instructions

We recommend:

Get a sharpened 20mm butt chisel here. To make sure you can start making Kumiko with it right out of the box we’ve sent the chisel to a professional sharpening serving for you.

Start your Kumiko journey now!

With the blocks from this kit, you can also make other patterns like the Asanoha Mitsukude and the Izutsu-Tsugi.