Domino Station


A station to put the Domino upright in your vise or clamp it to a worksurface. It’ll speed up your process tremendously.



This station can hold the Festool Domino (DF 500)  upright in your vice or you can clamp it to any work surface.

Thereby you can make the process of routing Domino slots on small or thin workpieces more efficient.

Taking the workpiece to the Domino and using the stops on the Domino is the fastest way!


The station is made of high-quality 18mm Baltic birch plywood and precision cut on the CNC. To make it look pretty and give the station a better protection I apply a coat of a hard-wax oil by hand for you.

Here you can see the station in action


Notes for order from the U.S. and Australia:  Unfortunately shipping the Domino Station to the U.S. and Australia is only possible via Sea right now, which might take up to 60 days. Due to COVID the transportation capacities are very limited and all Airmail options cost more than the Domino Station. The Kumiko Kits are still sent via Air. I hope to be able to offer faster shipping option to the U.S. and Australia soon.